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ACEPS is the Asian Conference on Electrochemical Power Sources which is a series of scientific electrochemical power sources conferences held in South Asia at different locations. It was initiated by Professor Zempachi Ogumi in Japan in the year 2006. The First Asian Conference on Electrochemical Power Sources (ACEPS-1) was held November 15–17, 2006, in Kyoto, Japan with the aim of strengthening regional research potential and improving infrastructures in the Asian region. ACEPS promotes collaboration and co-operation between Asian scientists in the fields of fuel cells, storage batteries, super capacitorsand electrochemical science.


ACEPS-1, November 15–17, 2006, Kyoto, Japan
ACEPS-2, October 21–23, 2007, Shanghai, China
ACEPS-3, November, 2008, Seoul, South Korea
ACEPS-4, November 8–12, 2009, Taipei, Taiwan
ACEPS-5, September 17–20, 2010, Singapore City, Singapore
ACEPS-6, January 5–8, 2012, Chennai, India
ACEPS-7, November 24–27, 2013, Osaka, Japan
ACEPS-8, August 21–25, 2015, Kunming, China
ACEPS-9, August 20-23, 2017, GyeongJu, Korea