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Welcome to Kaohsiung, a tropical, coastal port city with pleasant climate and full of passion and enthusiasm. Kaohsiung is a modern metropolis encompassing an international harbor, an international airport, and rapid, convenient transportation systems. These merits are ingredients for the success of the 10th Asian Conference on Electrochemical Power Sources (ACEPS10-2019) held in Kaohsiung on November 24-27, 2019. The venue of ACEPS10-2019 is the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, the first multifunctional waterfront venue for exhibitions, international conferences, banquets, concerts, and product launches in Taiwan. We believe that ACEPS10 in Kaohsiung will set the stage for a successful continuation of the conference series. On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in this exciting Kaohsiung ACEPS10.

ACEPS10 is aimed to provide a platform for international scholars and experts in the Asian region to share experiences, exchange the latest developments, and explore new avenues in the fields related to electrochemical power sources. The program of ACEPS10 includes important topics such as basic electrochemistry, battery, capacitor & fast charging device, fuel cell & Electrocatalytic Reaction, and solar cell & photoelectrochemical device. The event will invite renowned researchers for plenary, keynote, and invited speeches and call for contributing oral and poster presentations. We believe that the wide variety of the presentations will enrich the participants’ studies on electrochemical power sources. Your participation and contribution will be the keys to the success of ACEPS10.

Facing the Taiwan Strait on the west, Kaohsiung is located in the southern Taiwan and the second largest city of Taiwan with a population of approximately 2,770,000. The abundant landscapes of Kaohsiung include the lush Chai and Banping Mountains, the clear and serene Lotus Pond, the Si-Zih Bay, art galleries, and the Love River running through the city center. The bank of the Love River is a famous place for cultural events such as concerts and the Lantern Festival. We are hoping Kaohsiung ACEPS10 to be an enjoyable event for building friendship, stimulating in-depth discussion, and creating new scientific relationships.

We look forward to seeing you Kaohsiung on November 24-27, 2019.

Hsisheng Teng Sheng-Shu Hou
Nae-Lih Wu Mei-Jywan Syu
General Chair of ACEPS10  General Secretary of ACEPS10